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The First Western-Owned Board Game Manufacturer in China!

The Board game industry has grown tremendously. Many game creators find board game manufacturing and logistics very difficult, with little to no transparency, high risks, and limited communication. As such some publishers avoid board game manufacturers in China and pay for their games higher prices than they should.

Hero Time was established by Hersh Glueck to help large and small publishers with their manufacturing and logistics in China. We believe every creator/publisher should be able to publish their game knowing its quality and price are the best they can be with little to no mistakes.

We also understand that it can be stressful to think about every step of making a game. That’s why we are dedicated to making the process simple, easy, and safe.

To make sure your board game manufacturing in China is done well and with no mistakes, you should make sure:

  1. All your components and needs are communicated clearly,
  2. Your artwork is set up properly for print
  3. All issues and risks are listed for the production team to see
  4. Ship your game and make sure it arrives at your door.

To start the process you can start by booking a call with Hero Time’s designated creator assistance.

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This Is How You Manufacture Your Game

1. Book A Free Call

Discuss your project with a real person and find useful answers about your game potential.

2. Get it Made

Herotime takes care of artwork checking, component choosing, design, sampling, manufacturing and fulfillment. With live progress updates.

3. Show it off

Now that you have your very own game it’s time to show the world what you are made off. Time to sell and make some profit.

Frequently Asked Question

Warning! Information for geeks and research freaks only

Although China is sometimes considered to be a manufacturer of low quality products, in the printing industry there are a lot of high quality materials to be found. As a western owned factory, we at Hero Time make sure all the materials are the highest quality in accordance with the ISO Standards for paper and board (International Organization of Standardization)

It is very important that games and toys for kids pass all safety and labeling requierments to ensure no harm will come from your game. We at Hero Time work closely with Bureau Veritas to make sure children games pass the highest safety regulations. You can get a CPC certificate (US), EU certificate, ISO certificate (worldwide), and AU/NZS certificates for your game under your own brand name.

From the time you confirm your art and give a green light for production, it takes between 60 and 90 days to get your games to your door. Generally speaking, production takes between 25 and 35 days, and shipping takes between 30 and 55 days. If the game is sent to EU and you need us to clear customs for you, it can take up to 120 days.

this largely depend on quantity and the component in the game. Card games like Sabobatage cost between 2.3-5.5USD Light board games like Blasting Boxes cost between 3.8-6.5USD, Medium board games like Moonshell, Zaberias, and Catan are beween 5.5-9.5USD, and Heavy games like Earth Rising, Scythe cost between 7.5-14USD.

Though Hero Time uses the highest quality material and process, the prices are still considered medium low. We understand the need for game creators to find the perfect balance between price and quality and we make sure to provide it. Still, if you find the price to be too high for your needs, you can also request an adjustments to your quote. You can consult your project manager.

This is where Hero Time really shines. Hero Time’s back office is built upon Microsoft Dynamics which allows the highest level of accuracy in project management. We use a three level confirmation procedure to ensure there are no mistakes in artwork and print. And through the system you can leave notes for the whole production team to see. 

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    Warning! Information for geeks and research freaks only.

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    Aurelien Schibli - Followers The Game
    Aurelien Schibli - Followers The Game

    With Hero Time I had peace of mind!
    Communication was the most important thing. Throughout the whole process I had clear answers
    to my questions.

    Aurelien Schibli - Followers The Game
    Aurelien Schibli - Followers The Game

    With Hero Time I had peace of mind!
    Communication was the most important thing. Throughout the whole process I had clear answers
    to my questions.

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